Your lifelong lies do belie

nothing on your conscience does gnaw

so the only confirmation you’re entitled to Judge Kavanough

is a unanimous naw.





Trump says he’s the best at knowing how to vet:

“All you have to do is say I briefly met him,

so now he owes me a debt,

and he’s sworn to aid and abet me.”


Many Have Said

Many have said,

Trump is heart dead.

Many have said,

he’s soft in the head.

Many have said,

him and Putin are wed.

Many have said,

he’s a thousand Big Macs way too well fed.

Many have said,

he’d have been nothing without his co-signing daddy Fred.

Many have said,

in his jammies he watches Fox news all day in his bed.

Many have said,

truth he does dread.

Many have said, 

“The Cat In The Hat” was the only book he ever read.

Many have said,

please, please, please, virtually anyone except him instead.